What adds value to a house?

Before starting with major renovations to your home, consider where your home is currently located. Location makes a big deciding factor on how much renovations you require. Find out the average selling prices of homes in your suburb.  

Knowing the value of your home can help you to determine what renovations are required. You also want to focus on which home improvement add the most value. 

Below is a list of how to increase home value.

Floor Space

Adding floor space can increase the value of your home. Extra bedrooms, open plan living areas and extending rooms are great add on value.


Adding additional bathrooms and upgrading your current bathrooms could increase the value of your home. Upgrades could be things such as adding modern tiles, new fixtures such a taps and shower heads, adding a shower or bathtub and increasing the overall size of the bathroom. Check out some of these bathroom ideas.


A modem kitchen is definitely an eye catcher. Remember the total value of your home and don’t overspend on the kitchen upgrades. Keep a budget and stick to it. 

What adds value to kitchen? 

Things such as counter tops, cupboard material and design, fixtures such as taps and sinks, all contribute to the value of the kitchen.

Outdoor Area

An outdoor area is great add on value, braai areas and relaxing spots could add additional value to a home. You can check out some outdoor backyard ideas here.

Home Security

Installing security in your home such as electric fences, cameras and an alarm system could increase the value of a home.

Listed below are some things that most likely won’t add value to your home. You might think that these small things can increase home value. While these items might help you sell faster, they won’t add massive value to the home.

  • Adding a Swimming Pool 
  • Adding Air Conditioning 
  • Changing Windows and Doors 
  • Borehole 
  • Landscaping


Remember to source only the best contractors and builders. Check the other work that they have done for other clients to get a better idea of their work. 

Another thing to keep in mind is to keep track of your investment. Make a check list and note down all the costings. The extras can add up fast if not managed.

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