So you looking to start your own website, either you want to sell products, create a blog or just want to learn how to make websites, great we talk about how to set up your own website, and each step is explained.

Below are simple yet import steps you can use to get a fully self-hosted WordPress website that costs under R50 a month and is super simple to set up. One thing to mention is that WordPress itself is completely free so the only cost that you need to pay for is the hosting fees, Great so, let’s get started.

The first step you want to do is figure out the domain name that you would like to use on your website.  

This can be anything you want. You can head over to a domain name checker to see if the domain is available and how much you can buy it for. If you use Hostinger as your hosting provider then the domain name is free for the first year.

Domain name checker

Once you have your domain name selected, you will need a hosting provider.  

This is where your website will be situated. A hosting provider is needed so that your website is always on and available for anyone to reach your website 24/7. You need a good hosting provider because you don’t want any downtime and you need your website to load up fast.

Hostinger is the way to go when selecting a hosting provider for many reasons such as:

  • They are one of the cheapest, at around R50 per month and the most reliable hosting providers.
  • They provide a free domain name for the first year when you register with them.
  • Easy to use platform to manage your website.
  • 1 click setup for WordPress.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

Once you have selected and registered on your hosting partner, you will need to install your website.  

I use Hostinger for, with Hostinger it’s a 1 click installation for WordPress, they guide you through every step. Just make sure you select the WordPress hosting option when making your purchase so that you get customised offerings designed specifically for WordPress websites.

Website is created

Once the website is installed you will have this interface below. Your site will now be live on the internet.

Log in screen

You will need to log in and then you will have access to the back end of your website, here you can select from thousands of themes, post content, create pages, install plugins, reply to people and so much more.

Backend of website

So, what are you waiting for, you might be wondering why do it this way when I can just use other website creators such as shopify or wix.  

Well by using your own self hosted website, you get to own the website fully, you have the freedom to migrate to another hosting provider, even download a copy of your website to your computer, you can run advertising, change the code of the website and so much more.  

Plus, it’s much more affordable compared to the other website creators out there.

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