Solar Panels: Are they worth it?

With loadshedding on the rise and not leaving anytime soon, it makes you wonder whether it’s time to get off the grid and install some solar panels. Below we talk about some of the important reasons why it’s worth it to install solar panels for your home.

No More Load Shedding Blues

Let’s face it, this is probably one of the main reasons why you most likely want to switch over to solar panels. With the direction the current grid is heading, it does not look like there is light at the end of the tunnel. Add some solar panels on the roof, an inverter and some batteries and you could get completely off the grid.

Save on Electricity 

With solar panels, you get to use the sun energy instead of the grid. The good thing is that the sun is free for everyone to use. To maximise your savings its best to make use of most of your power while the sun is out. The solar panels will be producing much more than the afternoons.

Save your Appliances

With loadshedding often brings power surges that can damage expensive electrical equipment such as fridges and microwaves. By installing solar panels, you prevent damage to your equipment saving you money.

Value of your Home

Solar panels are in big demand, this demand is due to the grid being unstable. People are looking for homes that are self-sufficient and will provide power for years to come without worry. Solar panels are the future and should increase the value of your home.

Sell Excess Power back to the Grid

If your solar panels are producing more than you use, did you know you could sell that power back to your electricity supplier. You can find out more about how to do this here: Sell excess power.


Those are some of the most positive reasons why you should get solar panels installed in your home. By investing in solar panels, you will be investing for the long run and in time the solar panels will be able to pay itself off.

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