Simple Steps to Improve your SEO

What is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimisation. When people talk about SEO what they are talking about is the optimisation of a website’s technical configuration. SEO is used to rank higher in the search engine results. By configuring the structure of your blog posts and including certain aspects on your website, you help the search engine understand your content better and ultimately moving your organic rankings higher in the search results.

Just for more information a search engine helps people find what they are looking for on the internet. If you are looking for information or nice restaurant or even a product you will use a search engine to find the results.

How to improve SEO on google?

When talking about SEO and website optimisation most people refer to the rankings on Google. Google makes up 92% of the global search engine market. Great, now that we have an understanding of the basics let’s see how to improve SEO on google.


Keywords is one of the most important aspects of SEO, keywords are search terms that people commonly use when searching the web. For example, if I am searching for foot cream. Foot cream will be one of the keywords, other keywords related to foot cream can be, heel cream, antifungal foot cream and athletes foot cream.  

By implementing keywords into your blog posts, you help the search engine know what your blog post is about, and this helps you to rank for related searches. Helping your website organically rank for the related searches will bring traffic that is relevant.  

One of the best places you can find keywords is on google such as Google auto fill search bar and the people also ask area.


A backlink is when one website links to another website. So why is this so important? Well, you want other website to link to your website, because it brings some of that website’s traffic to your website and the second reason is that it’s great for your SEO. Things to remember when you are building backlinks is that you preferably only want websites that are longer in the game and are more established. 

This tells the search engines that if a bigger more established website is linking back to you then you most likely have great content.

It’s also recommend linking to other websites on your blog post. The other website will see this and might decide on adding you in their posts in future.

Title Description

Make your headlines interesting. And make sure to include some keywords that are related to your post.

Google Analytics

Set up a Google Analytics account, this is completely free and contains valuable website information such as your traffic and who your visitors are. This is not difficult and if you are using WordPress, it is even easier if you use a plugin called Monster Insights. This plugin has a simple user interface and an easy step by step installation process.


SEO is not a once off strategy. It involves constant optimising. The internet is always changing, and technology is updating. You must keep your site updated in order to remain relevant and to keep your website ranking high.

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