Latest Modern Saving Tips for this Year

Make this year, your saving year, either you are saving for a holiday or a down payment for a home, or just looking to save money for a rainy day. We talk about some of the latest modern ways that you can use to save money this year, from ATM charges to Loyalty cards, we have written about it below.

Automated Savings

Create an automated savings account. You can either do this with your online banking or visiting your local bank. When you create an automatic savings account, every month when you get paid either from your job or business a portion of your money will go into this savings account.

Bank your Change

Many banks these days offer a service where, when you spend money at either a retail store or filling station, your change from the total amount you spend will be sent into a savings account. Example, if you spend R200,80 the 80 cents will be saved. It might not seem like a lot, however at the end of each month you would be surprised at how much it adds up to.

ATM Charges

When you are withdrawing money from an ATM that is not your bank account, you lose money. To prevent this, withdraw at ATMs that belongs to your bank that you are registered with. Another place you can withdraw money is at retail stores such as Checkers and Pick n Pay. You can request the money at the tills.

Bank Points

Many banks offer incentives for swiping their cards at certain fuel stations and retail stores. These points that you earn can be used to purchase things such as airtime, movie tickets and online shopping. It’s a great way to make additional money while you are spending it.

Loyalty Cards

When you are shopping keep an eye out for loyalty cards. These cards give you points and discounts off certain items every time you shop. You land up saving quite a bit with these cards and the points, once you have collected enough can be used to pay for the items.


So, there you have it, some of the latest modern ways to save money this year.  

The ways provided above were provided to help make saving fun and easy to do, using the technology and services available currently.

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