How to start a pizza business from home?

Starting a pizza business from home can be a great idea because of the following reasons, such as the low financial investment and risk of failure is low. The advantages are many thanks to the popularity of pizza. Almost everyone enjoys a good slice of pizza every now and then. 

Below we have listed the steps that you will require to start your very own pizza business.

Learn to make incredible pizza

The first step is to decide what type of pizza you want to make, thin crust styles or thick base styles. Experiment and figure out which ones your customers would like to buy. You will also need to create a variation in toppings such as chicken, mutton and vegetarian pizzas. Fresh and high-quality ingredients will give your pizza a great reputation.

Create a simple business plan

A business plan helps keep you on track regarding the goals of your pizza empire. Some of the things you should list on the business plan are the mission, vision, opportunities and weaknesses. 

Study the market, see how much of potential market there is, work out the startup costs and the potential income for the business. Also work out how much you are going to charge for your pizza.

Financing the business

The good thing about this business is the low startup costs. Figure out how you are going to get the funding for the pizza business, this can either be funded from your personal savings, family and friends or borrowing a loan from the bank.

Get the equipment

Once funding is secured, now you will require the tools and equipment for the business, this will be items such as: 

An oven 


Pots and pans 

Measuring cups 


Pizza boxes 

Pizza cutters

Open for business

Time to market your business, there is multiple approaches to how you want to get your pizza shop out there, this can be done through social media platforms, word of mouth, flyers, your local newspapers and local events such as flea markets and school fairs. 

You can also create a website to display all your pizza types and your store location. 

Getting listed on UBER eats is also a great option to offer to a broader market.


So still thinking about starting a pizza business?  

Remember to provide great customer service and quality pizzas and the customers should keep coming back for more.

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