Can I get a Job without a Matric Certificate

If you have finished matric recently or a while ago and now you are now thinking about whether you can find a job or not, well the simple answer is yes, you can still find employment even if you do not have a matric certificate.

Great, So Where Can I Start?

Places where you can look for jobs are more inclined towards the following fields such as plumbing, electrical work, automotive repair and carpentry. These skills are commonly in demand and will be easier to enter than other fields.  

You can search for these jobs either on job search websites, you can find out more here: (most popular job search websites in South Africa) or recruitment agencies and visiting the company websites directly and applying when there is an available position.

Other Opportunities

It’s a good idea to also look for learning opportunities such as internships and apprenticeships. With these opportunities you can study further and grow in that area of interest.  

Another option is also to go back and finish your matric, this can either be done through high school or at a university and college.


If you don’t have a matric certificate, It is not the end of the world, the opportunities are out there, just keep going.

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