Another year has passed, and we are now in the year 2023. Are you ready to take control of this year?  

Below I have written some of the most successful ways that if you implement them will transform your mind, body and soul and ultimately create the best version of yourself.


Start a simple daily routine of exercise. This can be anything from skipping 10 minutes a day to running half an hour.  

Exercise is going to strengthen not just your body, but you mind as well. This will help you have more energy to work on other aspects of your life and you will look and feel better.

Eat right

Food is fuel, and you need the right fuel to perform at your best. Cut out junk foods such as chocolates and high sugar items and switch over to more fruit and vegetables. Your body will love the change and you will feel healthier and look healthier over time.

Study up

Set aside some time each day to study. This can be anything that you find an interest in. The more you read the broader your mindset will become.  

This will assist you at your job, dealing with people and learning more about life in general. If you read one book a month that would equal 12 books by the end of the year, so you would be 12 books smarter than if you did not read.

Side Hustle

Start a side hustle, this can be anything from tutoring kids to starting a blog, life can be very unpredictable, such as the covid 19 pandemic and the recession that hit us.  

However, we can take necessary steps to avoid getting into financial problems. I’m glad I started my blog back in 2020. And now I make a living of my business. You can find out more about how you can start your own blog and get out of the rat race here.

Enjoy Life

The last item on our list is to learn to enjoy life more. Life is full of ups and downs and there is good days and bad days.  

Take time for yourself, learn to live more, spend more time with friends and family go out into nature and just enjoy life.