5 Cheapest Franchises in South Africa 

You must be wondering what is the cheapest franchise to open in South Africa? 

Below we have created a list of franchises in South Africa that are low-cost. These are small franchise opportunities that are available. The industries range from the cosmetics to the cheapest food franchise in South Africa.

King Pie

Investment between R17,500 – R530,000

Kind Pie specialises in the sales of pies and savoury snacks. King pie has around 300 franchise stores across South Africa. 

There is a variation with the franchising choices that you can select from such as, kiosks, mobile kiosks and express stores 

The franchisees get training, access to the brand name and marketing support. You can find out more about them on their website at: www.kingpie.co.za

The Fish & Chip Co

Investment between R699,000 – R850,000

The Fish & Chip Co serves generous portions of fish and fresh-cut chips at affordable prices. The Fish & Chip Co business started in 2009 and has been providing fish and chips ever since.  

With a proven business model and great taste, the Fish & Chip Co can be a great investment. You can check them out here: www.fishandchipco.co.za

Dream Nails

Investment between R675,000 – R800,000

Dream nails has been running for around 35 years. Dream nails generally is looking for someone passionate about beauty, wellness and of course nails. 

Dream nails offer a complete turnkey solution, initial training for the new owner and the staff.


Investment of R805,000

PostNet is a brand that provides services such as courier, printing and postal. PostNet concept was started in South Africa in 1994. 

PostNet has around 400 retail stores across the country. The PostNet franchise offers the investors training, operational support and marketing assistance. 

You can find out more about them on their website at: www.postnet.co.za

Just Property

Investment of R650,000

Just property is a recognizable brand. Just Property provides property administration and management services.  

Just Property consists of 95 franchises all over South Africa. You can find out more about how Just Property here: www.just.property.co.za


There you have it, some of the cheapest franchise opportunities in South Africa. Want to learn how to save up enough money to one day afford a franchise? Check out this post:

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